Natural Hair Fragrances

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"I just started using the New Day Serum - love it! Mattie and Daisy are the best. Quick response, helpful when asking questions, and the entire line of products are great. I’m hooked!"

- Patty Love Miskell 

"I'm a 78-year-old man, and I've had almost every type of surgery possible. Four months ago I tried Mattie & Daisy Relief Oil and immediately I found relief in areas that my doctor has given me pain medicine for. I now call Mattie & Daisy Relief Oil my miracle oil."
- Vincent. New Jersey

"Mattie & Daisy Relief Oil has given me comfort immediately after using it. Who needs to go to the doctor for simple muscle pain when you have Relief Oil!"
- Brad. Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca.

"I've tried everything on the market, but I found my fountain of youth with Mattie & Daisy products. Thank God for Mattie & Daisy!"

- Lola James. Long Beach, Ca.

"I was always suffering from aches and pains. Once I started using the Relief Oil those pains and aches went away! I tell my friends all about Mattie & Daisy."

- Issac. Michigan

"I've tried so many cleansers, Mattie & Daisy Whipped Facial Cleaner is the best!"

- Anne

"I've used It's My Roots Baby! hair butter since 2016 and it has tremendously helped my hair. My hair and scalp are no longer dry, only moisturized but not greasy."

- Marla. Kansas

"I hesitated at first to try a new shower gel, but Mattie & Daisy Bath and Shower Gel are amazing. I decided to try the Body Souffle next, I am very satisfied!"

- Pastor D

"I will continue to buy Mattie & Daisy Butter Me Hand and Body Butter and the Body Souffle. They are the best for my skin!" 

- Kennedy

"During the winter my lips were extremely dry and chapped. The Lip Butter healed my lips! My lips are so soft and moisturized."

- Crystal. Michigan

"I've tried so many products for my acne. They would dry or irritate my face which would cause more pimples and acne scars. Once I gave Mattie & Daisy Tea Time Mask, Whipped Facial Cleanser, and Facial Creme a try I fell in love! My skin is hydrated, no more acne breakouts, and my scars have faded, they're almost gone! Mattie & Daisy products have saved my face!"

-Brittney. Long Beach, Ca.

"There is nothing else like Mattie & Daisy Butter Me Hand and Body Butter. I have very dry skin, but now my skin feels like silk. The product is not greasy at all." 

-Vanessa. Australia  

"I work long hours and I could see my tiredness around my eyes. A moisturizer is not enough so I decided to try Mattie & Daisy Youthful Eye Gel. I was so surprised at the results! The puffiness I use to see is now gone! I will be buying more of Mattie & Daisy products."

-Sharon. Riverside, Ca.

"I hate spending money on new products but I knew I needed something extra in my skincare routine. I'm no longer a young adult and it shows in my face. There are so many serums to choose from but I decided to try Mattie & Daisy New Day Serum. I am impressed, my face is hydrated, soft, I'm glowing!"

-Kandice. Palm Springs, Ca. 

"My wife said I needed a new shaving creme because the cremes I purchase irritate my skin. She is always on Etsy and came across Mattie & Daisy products. She ordered me the Whipped Facial Cleanser and Facial Creme. I use the Whipped Facial Cleanser to shave my face and I have not seen any irritation. The Facial Creme is very moisturizing. Thank you, honey and Mattie & Daisy! My wife is now ordering Mattie & Daisy products for herself."

-Troy. Huntington Beach, Ca.